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08 Aug 2019

Fashion Photographers Need Professional Retouching Services. Here’s Why.

Share Glamour photos are always bright and flawless and can range from simple to fancy. Regardless where your pictures fall in this scale, touch-ups are necessary to make them more attractive to the right audience. Unedited images have their own charm but might not convey the marketing message you or your client wants to make. This is where high-fashion photo retouching comes in.  If you’re a photographer who landed the job of shooting for local fashion magazines, advertisements or creating […]

11 Jul 2019
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Top Reasons Why Family Photo Editing Services is A Must

Share Most families have one go-to photographer they trust to memorialize special moments in their lives — from new additions to the family, birthdays and anniversaries to holiday cards and all out photoshoots. This is a big undertaking for professional photographers, and truthfully, it’s hard to perfect all shots in just one go. People who say taking family pictures is an easy task don’t know what they’re talking about. Compared to snapping a few quick selfies, taking high-quality family portraits […]

31 May 2019
Should You Hire A Freelancer or a Professional Photo Editing Services Provider?

Should You Hire A Freelancer or a Professional Photo Editing Services Provider?

Share For professional photographer just like yourself, choosing between a freelancer and a photo editing services provider is quite of a dilemma. One wrong decision could damage not just your budget but also your credibility as a professional. Good thing these days, a lot of job takers can be hired online especially for photo retouching. These job takers are a mixed pool of freelancers that you can hire via outsourcing platforms (Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and many others) and photo retouching companies that surely can post post-process your […]

06 May 2019

Tips and tricks 101

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06 May 2019

Tips and tricks

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