Branded Virtual Background

Branded Virtual Office

Branded Virtual Room Backgrounds for Zoom and Teams

Keep meetings professional-looking no matter where you are. Showcase your brand and corporate identity through customized virtual office backgrounds.

Showcase your company’s brand in every video conference with a custom branded virtual office background for Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Be at Home in Your Virtual Office

Take your online meetings to the next level. Impress partners, clients, and colleagues with a branded virtual office. Conduct meetings efficiently and worry-free, knowing your background is as professional as can be.

Stand out from the rest with a branded virtual office. Showcase your company logo in every video call.

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“Super Cool, I think it’s genius!” – Ariana Rae

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual office background?

We’re all familiar with the last-minute video conference scramble—the meeting is about to start, and you’re trying to find a good corner in your house that doesn’t expose a messy background. Tools like Teams and Zoom addressed this by providing users with virtual backgrounds.

Why do I need a branded virtual background?

Custom, branded virtual room backgrounds are guaranteed to leave a professional impression with your clients, partners, bosses and others in your organization. Now you can showcase your company’s brand in every video conference and client meeting. Feel like you’re at the office from the comfort of your own home.

Do I need a green screen?

No, you don’t need a green screen or any other fancy equipment. Just make sure your background is as plain as possible—a simple wall or curtain—for the best effect.

What are you waiting for? Create your branded virtual background today!