Should You Hire A Freelancer or a Professional Photo Editing Services Provider?

Should You Hire A Freelancer or a Professional Photo Editing Services Provider?

Should You Hire A Freelancer or a Professional Photo Editing Services Provider?

For professional photographer just like yourself, choosing between a freelancer and a photo editing services provider is quite of a dilemma. One wrong decision could damage not just your budget but also your credibility as a professional.

Good thing these days, a lot of job takers can be hired online especially for photo retouching. These job takers are a mixed pool of freelancers that you can hire via outsourcing platforms (Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and many others) and photo retouching companies that surely can post post-process your photos in the most competitive pricing you can get.

And once and for all, here are the things you should look into whenever you’re stuck between choosing a freelancer or a photo editing company:

Should You Hire A Freelancer or a Professional Photo Editing Services Provider?

The type of photo retouching jobs you require 

As a reputable photographer, you only deserve a photo editing caliber that matches your skill. This can only be attained through hiring a professional photo editing services provider rather than a freelancer. This is also the case if you’re the type who requires a long-term commitment for photo retouching tasks across photo genres (newborn, high fashion, boudoir, etc.).

Professional photo editing services companies mostly have designated teams to handle a specific photo genre, so you won’t go again with the hassle of scouting for another retoucher. In the long run, they would eventually assign you the retouchers who have the knack for your preferences without you asking. Also, this kind of approach helps you to incorporate your signature vibe you want to be reflected on each of your images as it is the same artists are working on your photos.

Freelancers, on the other hand, are easier to hire yet riskier to work with in terms of versatility of skill, workloads that can be accommodated, and the privacy of your photos. Keep in mind also that they are only bound within the terms of the platforms you’ve used to hire them, but not really by professional standards, including copyright regulations and the like. But with a professional photo editing services provider, you’re guaranteed of the skill needed for your job orders, stable workforce to finish the project, and of course your rightful ownership to your photos.

Should You Hire A Freelancer or a Professional Photo Editing Services Provider?

Your budget and how far can it go 

This has been always the deal breaker (or maker) for anyone outsourcing a task because you surely wanted to have photos retouched for less. As for choosing between a freelancer and a professional photo editing, budget won’t just be the case, but also how far can it go. 

Freelancers do the job once they were assigned for it. They normally allow ample instances for revisions and would religiously stick to the job description you have given them. This approach helps both of you to focus in getting things done, creating a tight end-to-end workflow to deliver outputs fast and reasonably priced. The risk though is that might have already exhausted the allowable revisions or requested extra services but haven’t yet finished the project, thus making you spend more in buying credits to finish it. This works best for one-time, countable pieces of photo editing jobs. 

A professional photo editing services provider, on the other hand, does things quite differently. Though one could have a structured set of packages, allowable revisions, or extra services doable, it has more capabilities of giving you more customized service packages. Along with this is the fact that it has established a team that could cover the job once the unavoidable happens. This works best on bulk orders with the aim to maximize the cost you can afford without compromising the quality of each photo; can also work for per-piece orders. 

Should You Hire A Freelancer or a Professional Photo Editing Services Provider?

The privacy your client demands 

Freelancers and professional photo editing services providers aim to keep a track record of their projects through their portfolios (website, social media accounts, etc.) Thing is, what they’ve been working on is still the client’s property… or could be your property—your photos—and are still within your discretion whether you would allow those to be used for portfolio purposes or not. 

Since freelance photo editors are only bound within the scope of the platform you could’ve used to work with them, this heightens the risks of your photos be published somewhere. Unlike with a professional photo editing services provider, it is simply working with a company that has to comply with the copyrights and intellectual property of the client. This gives you an assurance that whatever you have outsourced for post processing are within the legal parameters and can only be published on their folios with your approval. 


What should you choose? 

Neither of the two is a bad choice. It would only depend on how you take the considerations mentioned. But if you’re after long-term commitment for service, customizable offers, consistent quality for retouched photos, and privacy for each, go for a professional photo editing services provider. 

Should You Hire A Freelancer or a Professional Photo Editing Services Provider?

What to look into a photo retouching company? 

To guide you in your search for a photo editing services, here are the major things one should possess: 

  • Versatility – Your photo retouching company should not just be an expert in one photo genre for retouching. It is a plus if it has done various projects across different photo genres such as portraits, weddings, boudoir, and the like. 
  • Prompt response and quick turnaround time – A late response is a lost business. Go for a photo retouching company that caters to your needs 24/7 and guarantees you with fast turnaround time. Outsourcing from an offshore studio or office is also a thing you should consider as they can literally work while you sleep. 
  • Affordablepricing – Saving costs is also one of your concerns, that is why going for a photo retouching company that offers competitive pricing without compromising the quality of their services is a plus. 
  • 100% quality assurance – You only deserve top-notch quality retouched photos. That’s why checking on client testimonials or online portfolio should do the talking if that photo retouching company has been satisfying client needs consistently. Also, go for the one that will fanatically adhere to your revision suggestions as that photo retouching company would only aim to give you the best quality of photos that suit your preferences. 

The right, professional photo editing services provider for your post-processing needs is just around the corner. It should let you capture more life behind the lens, doing away your hassle of retouching your photos piece-by-piece. ImagePerfekt should be it. Talk to us. 

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