1. I need to give my clients a timeline of when they can expect their final images. What is your turnaround time?

Our typical turnaround time is within 1-2 business days, depending on the amount of images and difficulty of retouching needed.

If you need your images to be rushed, please indicate in your order. Rush fee is usually 50% of the usual rate. Rush images will be turned over within 12-24 hours.

We usually would need to receive your payment confirmation prior to our turnover of the delivered files so we would suggest for you to subscribe or purchase consumable prepaid retouching credit from us for a more seamless turnover of files.

2. Sometimes my images need more than just basic retouching. Can you do more complex work?

We have different levels of retouching that may address the requirements you would need. You may check the different rates *here*.

Still need more retouching? You may get in touch with us for custom retouching needs.

3. I saw that you’re offering prepaid retouching credits. Can you let me know more?

Our retouching credit gives you less things to worry about when it comes to billing and delivery of files. Plus you’re getting a good deal of freebies, too!

If you purchase $500 credit, we will give you free $100 worth of retouching (or 40 free essential edits!)

If you purchase $1,000 credit, we will give you free $200worth of retouching (that’s 80 essential edits! What a deal!)

Good thing about credits is that they don’t expire until after one year after purchasing.


4. There are some things I’d like to fine-tune with my retouched images. Will I be charged extra for revisions?

Of course not! We know that retouching can be subjective and sometimes it may need a few more adjustments to make it perfect. You are entitled to 1-2 revisions, but you need to let us know within 15 working days if you need us to change anything.

5. I like to shoot in RAW format. Can you still work on my images?

Most definitely! We love being able to work with RAW images so the quality will still be at its best when we retouch.

6. In a wedding I recently worked at, I shot thousands of images! How can I send those to you for color correction?

You may always send your thousands of wedding and event photos to use by using the Smart Previews of Adobe Lightroom.

7. The volume of my images in a month is high. Do you offer bulk pricing or discounts?

Yes, we can definitely give you discounted rates if you can commit to sending more than 300 images in a month.

If you’re looking to get a discount without the volume commitment, you can subscribe to us or get prepaid photo credit.

8. I may need different file formats of my edited photo. Can you provide those to me?

You can let us know the formats you would need and we will gladly send those over with no extra charge.

The only time we will need to charge you extra is if you would request Layered PSD files or if there are custom cropping requirements for each different file format.

9. My hard drive crashed. I need some of my retouched images. How long do you keep my files with you?

We keep your original and retouched files for 60 days only. Should you request for us to keep it for another 30 days, please let us know.


10. All my images have a copyright. How safe are my images with you?

We will definitely not use any of your images without your permission. We make it a point to make sure none of your images get out of our retouching studio’s secure network. In addition, we will be glad to send you over a standard agreement to protect your copyright.

11. I use PayPal for my online transactions. Can I use that to I pay for your services?

Payment can be done through PayPal or bank transfers. We will gladly give you that information once you’ve sent your order.

But since we usually would need to receive your payment confirmation prior to our turnover of the delivered files, we would suggest that you subscribe or purchase prepaid retouching credits for a more seamless workflow.

12. I don’t want to keep on paying individually for my orders. Can you arrange a monthly billing system for me?

Unfortunately, we do cannot do monthly billings as of now. We would want to suggest that you subscribe or purchase consumable prepaid retouching credits for a more seamless workflow.

Less billing worries, and you get discounted rates, too!