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Outsource Photo Editing to Save Time

We understand how busy photographers and business owners can be. That's why we're here to help you.

Outsource your photo editing requirements to us. Our expert retouchers will help you save time in front of your computer doing tedious post-processing.

Ready to work with retouch professionals who understand your needs?

Our Services


Family Photo Editing

Applied Edits:

  • Color Correction
  • Profile Correction
  • Head Swapping
  • Skin Retouching
  • Dirt Removal
  • Distraction Removal
  • Skin Exposure Adjustment
  • Eyes and Teeth Whitening

Newborn Photo Editing

Applied Edits: 

  • Basic Skin Retouching
  • Blemishes and Flaws Removal
  • Object Removal
  • Wrinkle Removal
  • Skin Tone Enhancement

Corporate Photo Editing

We want to lend you a helping hand with your corporate photo editing tasks.

  • Essential Edit​
    • Pimple and Blemish Removal​
    • Natural Skin Smoothening​
    • Eye Enhancement​
    • Teeth Whitening​
    • Wrinkle / Crow’s Feet Removal​
  • Creative Edit​
    • Head Swap​
    • Background Removal​
    • Eyeglass Glare Removal​
    • Braces Removal​
  • Designer Edit​
    • Background Change​
    • Composite of Multiple People
    • Body Shaping / Liquification​
    • Large Tattoo Removal

Wedding Photo Editing

We are here to help you during your busy schedule by providing you with quality and on-time professional wedding photo retouching services.

  • Essential Edit​
    • Minor Distraction Removal​
    • Basic Skin Retouching​
    • Black & White Conversion​
  • Creative Edit​ 
    • Remove People from Images​
  • Image Correction / Color Correction​
  • Image Selection / Culling​


Boudoir Photo Editing

Boudoir photography is such an involved process; hence we want to help you out by doing the time-consuming photo retouching.

  • Essential Edit​
    • Image Correction and Enhancement​
    • Skin and Face Retouching​
    • Blemishes Removal​
  • Creative Edit
    • Body Liquification / Shaping​
  • Designer Edit​
    • Background Change​
  • Album Creation

Fashion Photo Editing

Unedited images have their own charm but might not convey the marketing message you or your client wants to make. This is where fashion photo retouching comes in.

  • Creative Edit​
    • Body Liquification​
    • Make Up Enhancement​
    • Remove Background​
  • Designer Edit​
    • High End Skin Retouching​
    • Advanced Body Liquification & Shaping​
    • Frequency Separation Retouching
    • Photo Manipulation

Real Estate Photo Editing

From color correction to object removal, these small alterations are a must to achieve the "perfect" real estate photo every time.

  • Essential Edit​
    • Basic Image Correction​
    • Small Distraction Removal​
    • Minimal Camera Sensor Dust Removal​
  • Creative Edit​
    • Change Sky (Add Clouds)​
    • Add Window View​
    • Light Glare Removal from Tiles / Reflective Surfaces​
  • Designer Edit​
    • High-End HDR Composite​
    • Panoramic Stitching​
    • Change from Night to Day / Day to Night​
  • Basic Image Correction​
    • Angle Straightening​
  • Image Selection / Culling​

eCommerce Photo Editing

If you are an online retail seller who is struggling with post production processing of your product photos, ImagePerfekt eCommerce Photo Editing services is perfect for you.

  • Product Retouching​
    • Minor Dirt Removal​
    • Scratches Removal​
  • Background Removal​
  • Clipping Path (3 Complexity Levels)​
    • Product has little edge/inner detail (ex. book, mug, vase)​
    • Moderate - Product has some edge/inner detail (ex. chain bracelet, figurines, chair)​
    • Complex - Product has a lot of edge/inner details (ex. necklace, pet cage, furry rugs)​
  • Color Change​
  • Minor Reflection / Glare Removal​
  • Add Drop Shadows / Reflections
  • Custom Cropping for eCommerce Website​
  • eCommerce-ready Image Output

Color Correction

This service is the color correction and enhancement of multiple images to produce high quality and consistent-looking photos, even if you use different cameras or shoot the photos in different lighting conditions. All we need is for you to send over a Lightroom Catalog with Smart Previews so we can work on your images without having to send all your RAW Files.

We have two types of Color Correction you can avail:

Basic Color Correction – We will do the essential adjustments to your images: white balance, exposure and contrast, saturation and vibrance, clarity and sharpening with noise reduction.

Custom Color Correction – Apart from the essential adjustments, we will correct the cropping and straightening of your angles, apply the necessary lens correction and remove any chromatic aberrations. We can also do some Local Brush Adjustments, but with minimal charge, for that added style.

Why Outsource?


Focus on booking more clients, earning more, and free up more time for yourself.


Don’t risk leaving the guesswork to a freelancer. By outsourcing photo editing to professionals, you know your pictures will be edited and delivered by experts on time, every time.


We know you’re looking for great value for every dollar. That’s why we offer pocket-friendly, competitive prices fit for every budget!


As customer and service provider, we’ll be working as a team. You give us instructions and tell us your vision for your pictures, and we’ll give you just that. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll go back in and do revisions until you’re fully content with the finished product.


Rest assured that your images and files won’t fall in the wrong hands. From the time you send us your raw pictures to the time we return with final edits, we ensure the privacy of your work and subjects.