Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching Services

Photo Retouching services helps you bring the best out of your images. It's one way to raise your picture qualities to a whole new level. To consistently give you high-quality results, ImagePerfekt has been perfecting effective and known approaches:


Exposure adjustment 

Lighting is one of the key elements in photography, especially when emphasizing a subject. Getting the right lighting brings out a whole different dimension for each photo. Problems arise when the light source is incontrollable. This is where Exposure Adjustment comes in. It is a photo retouching approach that to apply the just-right amount of light exposure to your photos, bringing more emphasis to your subject.

Color and tone correction 

Raw photos could have already lost the luster of the real-life colors your subject possess. Color and Tone Correction is a photo retouching approach that could set a certain mood in your photographs through altering the hue, saturation, and value. This is also the process to make your photographs look crisp and clean through enhancing the colors close to real life, delivering more vibrant photographs.


Skin blemish and facial hair removal 

However, you want to have perfect sets of photos, skin blemishes and facial hairs could ruin everything, especially for high-fashion photographs, wedding photos, boudoir, and even portraits. Add to this is the oiliness of the skin, making the subject look shiny instead of looking vibrant. Skin blemish and facial hair removal are the right photo retouching approaches to solve this. Blemishes such as scars, acne, wrinkles, and the like will surely be removed upon photo retouching to make each of your subject unbelievably flawless and beautiful.

Teeth whitening 

In whatever language people communicate, a smile is the universal gesture of happiness. It is so contagious that even a photograph of a smiling person could change the mood of the one’s seeing it. Thing is, not all us is gifted with pearly white set of teeth. Teeth whitening is also covered by ImagePerfekt as one of its photo retouching approaches. We perfect each smiling photograph by enhancing the beam of smile your subjects flash in front of your camera.


Eye enhancement 

The eyes help express the emotion conveyed in a facial expression captured in a photo. They emphasize almost all types of facial expressions without words being used. The thing is, the subject’s facial expression does not strongly match what the eyes say sometimes. For this, eye enhancement comes in handy. Our team will do the necessary alteration, especially to the eye area, to match your subject’s captured emotion in the photos.

Minor face and body contouring 

There might be times that you photographed modes who are not that comfortable with their facial features such as the shape of their face, nose, and the like, or even their body shape. This is where ImagePerfekt’s Minor Face and Body Contouring services comes in. Nose alignment, cheek bone contouring and many others can be done for the face. As for the body, jobs like body slimming, cellulite removal and skin color correction can be done.


Our Photo Retouching Services


We have three levels of photo retouching services:

  • Essential edit – this covers the basics of photo retouching: exposure adjustment, color and tone correction, skin blemish and facial hair removal, teeth whitening, eye enhancement, and minor face and body contouring. Along with this are two (2) allowable revisions within 30 days.
  • Creative edit – this includes the essential edit services with the removal of unwanted and distracting objects in a photograph. This comes with five (5) allowable revisions within 30 days.
  • Designer edit – this strictly customizes the edits to your liking. Along with doing both the Essential and Creative edits to your photograph are further intricate additions such as object removal and insertion, HDR rendering, addition of frames, and face swapping. This includes five (5) allowable revisions within 30 days.

Our photo retouching services also cover:

  • Photo-stitching and Retouching for Real Estate Photographers and Architectural photographers
  • Photographic restoration of Vintage Photographs
  • Hand Coloring of Vintage Black & White Photographs

Why Choose ImagePerfekt Photo Retouching Services

Our team is a powerhouse of photo retouching experts which is composed of photographers, multimedia artists, and editors. We specialize in beautifying lifestyle images that meet the highest industry standards and customer expectations. We work with photographers located in different countries, from the US and Australia to Europe and Asia, and operate as an international photo editing service provider. 

Your photographic style can also serve as your signature, so we make sure to follow your preferences and instructions to the Team. We provide revisions until you're happy with the results -- that is our guarantee. 

We are here to let each photographer focus more on capturing life through their lenses without missing their own—by taking the tedious job of post-processing photos and images and perfecting them in the highest order, in competitive pricing.


More Reasons Why You Should Hire Our Experts

Personalized Service

Our collaborative approach enables us to follow your specific requirements, instructions, and style.

Attention to Detail

We ensure consistent edit quality for every wedding photo in your project.

Flexible Team of Professional Retouchers

We don't just do professional retouching of wedding photos; we also offer editing services for other image genres.

Photo Editing

We apply and maximize various photo editing techniques like light correction, background change, portrait adjusting, photo enhancement services and many more.