Q: How do I get started? Can I try out your services first?
A:Yes, you can definitely have a trial retouching service from us! You can send us two (2) images for retouching at customerservice@imageperfekt.com.

Q: How do I send my files to you?
A: You may send your files at customerservice@imageperfekt.com.

Q: I shoot in RAW. Can you edit my files?
A: You can definitely send us your camera raw files! We know how much quality matters to you. We can work with CR2, NEF, DNG, and even IIQ!

Q:How does this work? What is the workflow?
A: It’s very easy! Here’s what you need to do: prepare the files you want us to retouch and send it to customerservice@imageperfekt.com together with your instructions. You will get a notification once we’ve started working on your files. Go get some rest, relax, and after 24-48 hours, you will receive the retouched files from us!
A: Depending on the difficulty of the project, the usual turnover time is 24-48 hours upon confirmation that we have received the files. For bulk images/projects, turnover time may be adjusted accordingly. For rush projects (turnover is less than 24 hours), please indicate in the instructions when the file/s are needed. However, there is an additional fee for this service.

Q: What if I'm not satisfied with the retouching done to my image?
A: Our packages were designed to accommodate several revisions per image. Should you not be satisfied with a certain image, return them and we will make the necessary revisions to your liking.

Q: How do we pay for your services?
A: We work with a pre-paid credit system. $1 = 1 credit. For as low as $50, you can start a credit account with us. A monthly subscription is also available as an option. Payments are done via PayPal. To buy credits or to ask us regarding billing, please email customerservice@imageperfekt.com.

Q: How would I know how much credit I have left in my account?
A: At the end of each month or if you are about exhaust your credit, the ImagePerfekt accounts manager will inform you about your remaining credit. You may also request to know your available credit and details at any given time – just email us.