About Us

Founded by a team of professional photographers from LA, ImagePerfekt is a retouching studio that offers a variety of image & photo editing, retouching, color correction & graphic design services.

At ImagePerfekt, we work closely with our clients so we can get to know their personal style. Our close collaboration with clients makes communication easier to achieve the high quality of the retouched images. Deadlines will be no problem, too, since ImagePerfekt guarantees you a 48-hour (or less!) turnover time for projects that you give to us.*

Working with ImagePerfekt allows you to have more time to focus on your photography & work without having to worry about the post-processing of your photographs. Rest assured that our professional image editors & retouchers have a background in photography and are highly skilled & knowledgeable in the latest Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom programs. We understand what it takes to deliver high impact images.

From the grunt work of image culling to photo retouching & color corrections, the team behind ImagePerfekt will make you feel like you have your own personal retouching studio! Send us your photos today! customerservice@imageperfekt.com

* Turnover time for bulk images/projects may vary depending on volume of images.